We are proud to present our exceptional range of products designed to cater to the diverse needs of learners and educators alike. Our offerings have been meticulously crafted to provide an engaging, effective, and immersive educational experience for all. Explore our innovative solutions and elevate your learning journey today.

  • Avalanche

    Experience a groundbreaking ESL educational program, copyrighted and rooted in the psycholinguistic approach and immersive learning. This innovative method helps learners to master English as a second language in a more engaging and intuitive manner.

  • EmERY

    Discover EmERY, our state-of-the-art platform designed for learning English as a second language. With an intuitive interface and a wealth of resources, EmERY fosters rapid progress and deep understanding for learners at every level.

  • English-English Video Dictionary

    Explore our one-of-a-kind video dictionary, featuring over 30,000 videos that bring English words and expressions to life. This dynamic resource offers a comprehensive and engaging way to expand your vocabulary and comprehension.

  • Grammar Videos Collection

    Dive into our curated collection of educational videos that explain English grammar phenomena in an inventive and accessible manner. This engaging compilation will help learners demystify the complexities of grammar and gain a solid grasp of the language.

  • Video Call Service

    Connect with our tailored video communication service, specifically adapted for individual lessons and equipped with an integrated interactive whiteboard. This cutting-edge platform allows for seamless, real-time collaboration and personalized instruction, ensuring an optimal learning experience.

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